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Glen Mills PA Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Winterization

Glen Mills PA Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Winterization

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Every year, before the onset of winter, homeowners across Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas start draining the water out of their irrigation systems. This “blow-out” is necessary in areas where the frost levels extend well below the depth of any installed piping. However, just draining the water does not help; there could be some water that remains in the systems- this can freeze and expand and eventually the piping will crack. If water freezes in the back-flow assembly, it can damage the system’s internal components & there is a possibility that the brass body will crack too. The best way to minimize the risk of damage to this system is to opt for our irrigation winterization services.

Effective Winter Protection

The expertise with which Impact Irrigation Solutions handles the irrigation winterizing work is second to none, and we have hundreds of customers across the regions who ask us to handle this work for them every year. They know they are hiring the best and that the work will be carried out in a professional manner at the most reasonable costs. These services ensure that the irrigation system is effectively protected from winter damage.

The Irrigation Winterization Process

A very detailed approach is followed in the irrigation winterization work we handle for you and this is the process followed:

  • Water pressure to the irrigation system will be shut-off and tagged via the main gate valve.
  • Remove water from irrigation system with commercial air compressor
  • The test ports on the backflow device will be opened to winterize it.
  • Gate valves on the back-flow device will be closed.
  • Inform you of any issues or recommendations for next season

Call the Experts

If you haven’t contacted us before the winter sets in, it’s still not too late to get irrigation winterization done, so simply call our technicians and we will visit your property and winterize the system. Call Impact Irrigation Solutions on 484-723-3600 or contact us via this online form.


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