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Villanova PA Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Installation

Villanova PA Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Installation

We have more than 20 years of experience

If you have landscaping on your property, irrigation becomes a very important part of the overall landscaping project. You need to ensure that your plants, trees and turf are watered appropriately at all times. This makes it important for you to hire the services of a company that will be able to provide you with dependable and timely services. Impact Irrigation Solutions is one of the leading companies in the region. Over the years we have handled irrigation installation projects for a number of customers in and around Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County and the surrounding areas.

Custom-Designed Irrigation Installation 

We have highly-trained and experienced personnel on our team who ensure that all the work is completed in a methodical manner and that you receive customized services, based on the kind of plants and size of the lawns on your property.  Custom- designed systems are the best option when it comes to irrigation installation. This is because we take the size of the lot into consideration as well as all the landscape features you have. Different plants and trees have different watering needs and when we design an irrigation system for you, this aspect will also be taken into account.

The Detailed Approach

With a well-designed irrigation system in place, you know that you have better coverage in terms of watering your garden and yard, in comparison to simply using above ground sprinklers and hoses. When we install this system for you:

  • The entire landscaping will get evenly watered (head to head coverage)
  • We survey the area that has to be irrigated and then recommend solutions that will provide you value for money.
  • The latest equipment is used in all our work and we make sure that there is very minimal disruption while the work is underway.
  • All the garden areas as well as the planting beds will be hand-dug. This minimizes the damage to any existing plantings on your property.
  • Your work will be handled in a professional manner and our expert supervisors keep a tab on the project from designing to the installation phase.


If you are looking for high grade irrigation installation for your property, call Impact Irrigation Solutions on 484-723-3600 or contact us via this online form.


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