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Irrigation Renovation

Irrigation Renovation

We have more than 20 years of experience

For any homeowner who has landscaping on their property, it becomes important to have the right irrigation system installed. This helps ensure that all the plantings and lawn areas on the property stay healthy and look good always. Water is a precious resource and when you have well-designed watering systems installed, it helps you conserve water and save on utility bills too. Some properties have older irrigation systems installed that have not been updated with the change of landscape, this makes watering the landscape a time consuming job for owners and it also results in a lot of wastage of water.

Water –Efficient Systems

The best way to avoid all these issues is to opt for irrigation renovation services from Impact Irrigation Solutions. If you feel that the system that is installed on your property is too old or that it is not working as efficiently as it should, simply call us with your requirements today. We will send our professionals over to your location. They will survey the areas, ascertain what kind of system will work best for you, and then provide irrigation renovation solutions that meet the watering needs of your landscaping.

Irrigation Renovation Solutions

When we handle the work, the focus is always on customization and providing personalized services. Our personnel are highly professional in the manner in which they handle every project and all the work will be carried out in the most efficient and least-disruptive manner. The irrigation renovation work may involve a number of aspects such as:

  • Creating new Zones- This will be based on the different types of plants and trees that you have on your property.
  • Reconfiguring existing zones to accommodate changing landscape
  • Automatic Controllers- These will be installed and the wiring will be connected carefully.
  • Water Pressure-If we find that the water pressure is not sufficient to reach the remote spots in the landscaping, pressure pumps or booster pumps will be added as required.
  • Drip Irrigation- This is a very efficient system and will be installed at some areas on the property. Bubblers will also be run and to all the plantings and if you have fruit trees or delicate flowering plants, extra attention will be paid to those areas.
  • Smart Controls- All these diverse systems will be run by the latest automated, smart controllers that work from your phone.
  • Efficient Fittings- Retrofitting with high-efficiency heads, rotors & nozzles.

With the experience and expertise we have in this field, Impact Irrigation Solutions has now become one of the most preferred companies in the region. For more information about the high-grade systems we use, and a detailed irrigation renovation quote, call us on 484-723-3600 or contact us via this online form.


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