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Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

We have more than 20 years of experience

Impact Irrigation Solutions is a well-established company that provides high grade irrigation systems. In addition to design and installation, we also handle irrigation service and maintenance in an expert manner. Over the years we have catered to hundreds of customers across Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County and the surrounding areas and have built a very solid customer base. Maintenance of these systems becomes a very important aspect of landscaping for various reasons.

Some Facts

If the watering system on your property is poorly-maintained, it simply means that a large percentage of this water never ends up reaching its intended source as it gets lost to evaporation, runoff. When you opt for our irrigation maintenance services, it becomes one of the most-effective methods of reducing water waste.

Because irrigation systems typically operate during the early morning or overnight hours, many systems suffer from deferred maintenance. Irrigation equipment may no longer be applying water evenly to the target landscape. Roots, animals, pedestrians, gardeners or plastic fatigue will cause required maintenance to an irrigation system.

It’s important that your irrigation system be in top shape throughout the growing season. A misadjusted and improperly functioning irrigation system can cost you plenty, plus your lawn may not be getting the water it needs.

Our trained staff will check all the functions of your irrigation system including timers, valves, and adjust sprinkler heads. If needed we’ll repair broken or leaking lines and replace control

We specialize in quick diagnosis of problems and timely repairs. Our technicians are experienced, professional, and friendly. You can trust our staff to get the job done right

We are committed to providing the highest quality of work at the lowest cost.

Comprehensive Packages

You can choose from our cost-effective standard programs or opt for customized solutions; these include once you have hired our services and opted for our comprehensive packages, you have peace of mind that highly experienced experts are handling the work for you. Over the years, your lawn and garden will mature and its watering needs will change- we also make the necessary changes in order that you’re landscaping stays healthy and look’s good right through the year. For more information about our irrigation installation services, call Impact Irrigation Solutions on 484-723-3600 or use this online form to connect with us.


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